Ticks & Lyme Disease: Stay Informed

The Lynn Valley Trail Association would like to share the following resources regarding Ticks and Lyme Disease with its members and visitors to the trail. Please take the time to read the valuable information in the links below so you are well informed about this important subject matter.

We would also like to remind trail users to prevent lyme disease by taking these precautionary steps.

How to prevent lyme disease

• Don’t walk barelegged in tall grass, wooded areas or marshlands.

• Wear long sleeves, slacks and fully-closed boots or shoes when walking in grassy or wooded areas.

• Tuck pant legs into socks.

• Wear light-coloured clothing to make the ticks easier to find.

• Insect repellents containing DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) are useful and can be sprayed onto clothing, especially pants and socks. Please read the label when using any repellents, in particular when using them on young children. For safety tips on using DEET personal insect repellents visit the following website: www.hc-sc.gc.ca and search “insect repellents.”

Conduct a “tick check” on yourself, your family and your pets after exposure to tick habitat.

Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit: https://hnhu.org/health-topic/lyme-disease/

Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation: https://canlyme.com/

Norfolk County Maps: http://www.norfolkcounty.ca/visiting/norfolk-maps/

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